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Featured Phones


Doro PhoneEasy® 620


  with a 2-year term

  • 2.0 MP Camera with Flash
  • Easy to Use & Large Keypad
    and Screen
  • Extra Loud
    Handset Volume
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility


BlackBerry® Q5


with a 2-year term2

  • LTE, Wi-Fi & GPS
  • 5 MP Camera with Flash
  • Email & IM
  • QWERTY Keypad




Samsung Galaxy
Ace II x™


with a 2-year term2

  • 4.0" Touch Screen
  • 5.0 MP Camera with Flash
  • Powered by AndroidTM Technology 4.0 
  • 3G, Wi-Fi & GPS



Double your minutes, texts and data1

LITE Talk & Text Plan


  • 60 + 60 Bonus1 Canada-Wide Minutes4



  • 60 + 60 Bonus1 Local Minutes
  • 60 + 60 Bonus1 Sent Text Messages3

Smartphone LITE Plan


  • 100 + 100 Bonus1 Canada-Wide Minutes4
  • UNLIMITED Text, Picture and Video Messages (Canada/International)3
  • 100 MB of Data5
  • INCLUDED: Voicemail, Call Display & Name Display6

COUPLES Canada Plan


  • 150 + 150 Bonus1 Canada-Wide Minutes4
  • 150 + 150 Bonus1 Text Messages (Canada/International)3
  • UNLIMITED Canada-Wide Between Member Calling4 & Texting3
  • INCLUDED: Voicemail, Call Display & Name Display6


Offers shown are for new activations only or while quantities last and are subject to change without notice.

(1) 2 year service terms receive bonus of double your minutes, texts and data, on applicable plans. $18/month plan receives bonus for one year. Plans starting from $22/month receive the bonus for the duration of your time on the wireless plan chosen.

(2) Device pricing varies by term. A minimum monthly rate plan and data charge of $40/month or more applies to the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini, and $32/month or more applies to the BlackBerry® Q5. A minimum monthly rate plan of $22/month or more applies to the Nokia Lumia 635 and Samsung Galaxy Ace II xTM.

(3) $18/month plan includes text messages sent within Canada. Plans starting from $22/month include text messages sent from Canada to Canadian and international wireless numbers. $0.20/additional sent text to Canada. $0.25/additional sent text to the U.S. $0.35/additional sent text internationally. Messages sent while roaming not included.

(4) Minutes can be used for local and long distance calls anywhere within Canada that terminate within Canada. $0.35/additional minute.

(5) Includes data usage within Canada; 100 MB: $0.05/additional MB used. 500 MB: $0.02/additional MB used. (a) Includes unlimited: personal email (up to 10 email accounts, email domains must support POP3 or IMAP); (b) Includes unlimited: instant messaging including BlackBerry® Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk and Yahoo! Messenger applications (as developed by Research In Motion only) with a BlackBerry® device; (c) Includes unlimited: social networking on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace applications (as developed by Research In Motion only) with a BlackBerry® device. No other data usage available. Data transmission charges of $1/MB apply when roaming in the U.S.

(6) Mini voicemail, call display and name display included on plans starting from $22/month.