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Doro PhoneEasy® 620


  with a 2-year term

  • 2.0 MP Camera with Flash
  • Easy to Use & Large Keypad
    and Screen
  • Extra Loud
    Handset Volume
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility


ZTE GrandTM X Plus


with a 2-year term3

    • 5” HD Touch Screen
    • AndroidTM 4.4 (KitKat)
    • 8.0 MP Camera with Video Recording




    Huawei Y6


    with a 2-year term3

    • 5" Touch Screen
    • 8 MP Camera with Flash
    • Powered by AndroidTM 5.1 (Lollipop)
    • LTE, Wi-Fi & GPS



    50% OFF for up to 4 months+ DOUBLE your minutes, texts and data*

    LITE Talk & Text Plan

    $18 /month

    • 60 Canada-Wide Minutes2


    $18 /month

    • 60 Local Minutes
    • 60 Sent Text Messages4

    Smartphone LITE Plan

    $40 $20 /month

    • 200 + 200 Canada-Wide Minutes2
    • UNLIMITED Text, Picture and Video Messages (Canada/International)4
    • UNLIMITED Evenings and Weekends from 6PM
    • 500 + 500 MB of Data6*
    • INCLUDED: Voicemail, Call Display & Name Display5

    Couples Data Share Plan

    $55 $27.5 /month

    • 200 + 200 Shared Canada-Wide Minutes2
    • UNLIMITED Shared Text Messages4 (Canada/International)
    • 200 + 200 MB Shared Data6*
    • UNLIMITED Canada-Wide Talk and Text Between Both Users2,4
    • INCLUDED: Voicemail, Call Display & Name Display5


    Offers shown are for new activations only or while quantities last and are subject to change without notice.

    (1) 50% discount only applies to the monthly plan fee. Eligible plans for 4-months discount: individual plans starting from $25/mo with 2-yr term, and Couples and Family plans starting from $55/month with 2-yr term.

    (2) Minutes can be used for local and long distance calls anywhere within Canada that terminate within Canada. $0.35/additional minute.

    (3)  Device pricing varies by term. A minimum monthly rate plan and data charge of $60/month or more applies to the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy S4, $40/month or more applies to the Samsung Galaxy Core LTE, and $32/month or more applies to the Moto E and ZTE GrandTM† X Plus. A minimum monthly rate plan of $25/month or more applies to the Huawei Y536 and the Huawei Y6.

    (4) $18/month plan includes text messages sent within Canada. Plans starting from $22/month include text messages sent from Canada to Canadian and international wireless numbers. $0.20/additional sent text to Canada. $0.25/additional sent text to the U.S. $0.35/additional sent text internationally. Messages sent while roaming not included.

    (5) Mini voicemail, call display and name display included on plans starting from $22/month.

    (6) Includes data use in Canada only: 50 MB / 100 MB / 200 MB: $0.15/additional MB used. 500 MB / 750 MB: $0.05/additional MB used. 1 GB: $0.02/additional MB used. Data charges while roaming: $1/MB in the U.S.


    (*) Bonus offer of double minutes, texts and data applies to individual plans starting from $25/month and Couples or Family plans starting from $55/month with 2-yr terms only. All bonus offers applies to the duration of your time on the wireless plan chosen. $18/mo and $22/mo Individual plans and $40/mo and $45/mo Couples Canada plans are not eligible to receive the bonus offer of double minutes, texts and data. Some conditions apply. Bonus offer for double minutes, texts and data and bonus offer of bonus data cannot be combined.